A slight error exposes your secrets on “WhatsApp” – Site News – Follow-up


Specialists and technologists told “Tech”, that after the increase in cases of penetration of applications with smartphones, and Facebook’s attempts to encrypt data, including WhatsApp data, another case emerged that is considered a breach of the system.

However, this breach, which may put your information at risk, whether photos or videos and other materials that you exchange with friends, and retrieve them without your knowledge, is related to the user’s own error, and not a weakness in protecting user data.

This error is represented in the user changing the phone number that relies on him to use “WhatsApp”, or that he creates a new account without deleting the old account, as in the event of dispensing the SIM card, and the company providing the contact service displays the same number in the markets from New This will result in the user losing their privacy. Once someone else gets the number and creates an account on WhatsApp, this person will be able to retrieve all of the conversations, photos, and videos.

To solve this problem, the user who wants to dispense with the phone number he uses for “WhatsApp” needs to enter the settings and choose the account, including the option of Delete Delete, in order to delete the account from the company’s servers entirely, and to avoid such an occurrence.




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