A Russian expert predicts the emergence of more serious epidemic viruses


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A Russian expert predicts the emergence of more serious epidemic viruses

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Military doctor Alexei Vodovosov said that the current Corona virus is not relatively dangerous compared to the old plague epidemics, but that there are in nature viruses that are more dangerous to humans that can cause epidemics.

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“The Coruna virus epidemic is not the first, because the first was the H1N1 swine flu, which could be considered training, not paying much attention. Experts warn long ago, that humanity is invading new areas where animals are home,” the expert said in an interview with the Russian news agency, Novosti. For viruses, bacteria and other microorganisms that can be transmitted to humans, that is, we will face something like this, and this epidemic is “for training.”
He added that the tactical and technical characteristics of the Coronavirus are relatively weak. “It is not correct to say that the percentage of deaths it causes is less than influenza deaths. Because if we take as a percentage, the number of deaths it causes is much higher. That is, it is a potential risk, although most people with it They are recovering, but this virus could have appeared with different characteristics, for example, causing the death of 90% of the infected people. This is a different case, and the world is not ready to confront it. “
The expert pointed out that the plague of Justinian, which spread in years (541-542 AD, and repeated until 750) eliminated 40% of the population of the earth, and the epidemic of the Black Death years (1346-1353) eliminated 60% of the population of Europe. And he adds, “In nature there are still pathogens with deadly properties, and if they appear, we will not be able to do anything to confront them.”

Source: Novosti


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