A Russian doctor talks about an effective drug to treat corona virus


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A Russian doctor talks about an effective drug to treat corona virus


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Dr. Zakhar Likin, medical director of the Russian drug company “NovaMedika”, said that the drug used to cure malaria is very effective in treating the Corona virus.

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In an interview with RT TV correspondent Anton Krasovsky, Dr. Lekin said that the medicine, which was synthetically installed nearly 70 years ago to combat malaria, is now being used by doctors to treat people with the Corona virus.
The doctor assumes that coronavirus and malaria have common bonds that they use to influence healthy cells to curb fever and infection mechanisms.
He added, scientists conducted two studies on the effect of hydroxy chloroquine on the body: the first alone and the second with the anti-HIV drug ritonavir. But the researchers have not been able to determine how hydroxychloroquine affects the Corona virus, but experts point out three options.
“The drug can have an effect on all stages of virus infection – the adhesion of the virus, its penetration into the cell, its openness and its multiplication within it,” says Lekin. “The prevailing theory is that the use of hydroxychloroquine will prevent the virus opening inside the cell.”
According to him, the last option is one that demonstrates the effective capabilities of the drug.
Liken also pointed out that, like any other drug, this drug has side effects. It is toxic to the nervous system, and adversely affects the retina. So doctors use small doses of it to treat the Corona virus.

Source: Novosti


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