A remarkable attack from Asala .. Who meant “mold”?


The Syrian artist Asala drew the attention of a large number of followers of her account on “Twitter” because of a tweet she published and touched upon the topic of the Saudi artist Abdel-Majid Abdullah’s recent cancellation of his account.I addressed him in the tweet, which was then transmitted by a large number of active accounts on the application of photos and videos “Instagram” and wrote: “O Prince of creation, talent, culture, simplicity and kindness, my beloved Abdul Majeed, how can a person who raised you be affected by words that have nothing to do with humans?” .

She added: “You have to grieve over the likes of these people because they, like mold on the edge of life, eat from the harm of adults. Please come back so that it does not win bad” with “hashtag” “Our glorious do not grieve.”

This comes after the artist announced his departure from the tweets website, following an altercation that arose between him and one of the followers who did not hesitate to write offensive phrases.This angered Abdullah, as he tweeted: “My artistic advice is 36 years, and all these words I hear when I am in my fifties. Tiz in art, taz in Twitter and taz in every human being who sent hurtful words. God knows how he signed me with my love and appreciation for my dear Republic.”


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