A record number of corona deaths in Iran .. and 4747 injured


Source: Dubai- Arabia.net

On Friday, Iran announced 17 new deaths due to Corona Virus The newcomer, raising the total death toll to 124.

“We have confirmed that there are 1,234 new cases, which is a record in recent days, and that brings the total number of injuries to 4,747,” Health Ministry spokesman Kyanosh Jahanpur said at a press conference. He added that the new infections “belong to those who were infected with the virus two weeks ago and came to us after they showed symptoms.”

The official also mentioned that Iran has conducted more than 15,980 tests since the virus appeared in the country. He stressed that “the number of people who recovered from the epidemic exceeds 913 people.”

Moreover, he regretted the presence of “traffic congestion in the north of the country, due to the influx of Iranians on popular tourist sites” despite the many warnings and the dangers that this poses.

“Do not travel to the northern provinces … By doing this, you facilitate the transmission of the virus to your families and friends,” he told the Iranians.

A Tehran municipality worker sterilizes the subway bus (February 25, Fran Press)
A Tehran municipality worker sterilizes the subway bus (February 25, Fran Press)

Wounding between 30 to 40% of the population of Tehran

It is noteworthy that a member of the emerging anti-virus committee, Masoud Mardani, was believed to have infected between 30 to 40% of the population of the capital, Tehran, with this virus before March 20.

He explained during an interview with the newspaper, “Iran On” Thursday, that one person can transmit the infection to 4 people at the same time.

Corona sweeps the provinces of Iran

In turn, Iranian President Hassan Rouhani, speaking during a cabinet meeting, announced on Wednesday that the Corona outbreak in the country affected almost all of the 31 provinces.

On Thursday, Iranian Health Minister Saeed Nemki announced that his country would extend the closure of schools and universities for another two weeks and examine people in the most affected areas by phone after there were fears that a previous plan for home visits might cause the spread of the disease.

On the official television, Nimki said that Iran, which has one of the highest death rates due to illness outside China, will keep academic institutions closed until the end of the Persian year on March 20.

He also indicated that families will be contacted by telephone to help identify potential cases, and health teams will sanitize public places, adding that the plan will start from Qom, Jilan and Isfahan regions.


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