A recent picture foreshadows a “strange life” on the surface of Mars


Duration / Scientists believe that a “strange life” might lie inside a mysterious cave beneath the surface of Mars.

A crater was found on the cliffs of the Pavonis Mons volcano on the surface of Mars, according to the Science Arts website.

And NASA pointed out that the hole appears to be an opening for an underground cave, and its photo was taken in 2011 and scientists have been studying it since that time.

NASA scientists said that the analytical image indicates that the hole’s opening is about 35 meters, and the inner shadow angle indicates that the main cave is about 20 meters deep.

Scientists believe that a strange life may exist inside this mysterious hole.

The US space agency explained that these holes are of particular importance because their inner caves are relatively protected from the rough surface of Mars.

For this reason, these holes are a relatively good place to have life on Mars.


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