A problem in Windows 10 threatening millions of devices .. Learn about it


The US software giant, Microsoft, has revealed a problem in its latest operating system, Windows 10, that prevents Office 365, Microsoft Teams and Outlook programs from working on the Internet normally.

According to Tech Radar website, other work programs came up with the same problem, which will be a huge obstacle for millions of employees around the world, who depend on these programs to work from home due to the outbreak of the Corona virus.

Microsoft revealed that the problem that prevents these programs from connecting to the Internet in all versions of Windows 10 that supported last May’s update, which was named KB4535996.

The same will appear when using a VPN connection and vice versa, as the internet connection process appears completely limited, which completely hinders the topic.

To save the situation, Microsoft is preparing to provide a new update on the first of next April, and until the release of this update, Microsoft advised Windows users to restart the device to solve the problem.


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