A problem in Saadnayel: The governor of the Bekaa denies any relationship with him, and the municipality clarifies


“The National Media Agency” reported that a problem occurred this evening in the town of Saadnayel in the Central Bekaa, and social media and news sites reported that it is a problem between the army and citizens “as a result of a decision issued by the Bekaa Governor, Judge Kamal Abu Joudeh, to open roads and stop taking preventive measures for a virus Corona, which is followed by some municipalities, such as road locks, auto sterilizations, thermometers, etc.

The Governor of the Bekaa, in connection with “Wataniya”, denied that he had issued any decision regarding this issue, stressing that he had no relation to the subject of the forms.

For his part, the mayor of Saadnayel Hussein Al-Shobassi issued a statement about what happened in the town, in which he said that young people blocked many roads in Saadnayel. Then the army and the security forces intervened and separated the two parties, “stressing that” the governor of the Bekaa District, Judge Kamal Abu Joudeh, has no relation to the matter, knowing that the governor’s directives require that there be no problems with the control points. ”

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