A positive result for a patient at Al-Rassi Hospital in Halba


“The National Information Agency” reported that “the citizen” Eng. A. “From Akkar, who works in an institution in Beirut, he felt the symptoms of the Corona virus, so tests were performed in Dr. Abdullah Al-Rassi Governmental Hospital in Halba, then the tests were transferred to the oppressed hospital in Tripoli, and the initial result was positive, so I sent a sample to Rafik Hospital Hariri, the government, awaiting confirmation of the result. ”

The head of the Union of Municipalities in Inventory of Al-Qayta ‘Abd al-Ilah Zakaria pointed out that “the patient’s condition in the government hospital of Halba is monitored in coordination with the mayor of Beit Ayoub Talal Mustafa and the gendarmerie apricot and the Red Cross to contain the issue in a correct scientific manner, as the security forces investigated the injured to show communication cases He did, and there is no need to panic and sow fear among citizens, and we have to take the matter calmly and rationally so that we can contain the situation. ”

And Zakaria wished the citizens, “staying in homes in compliance with the decision of the Ministry of Health, and not tolerating this matter, in the interest of public health and safety.”

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