A player wakes up from his coma after 3 years – the athlete – international stadiums


Spanish newspaper AS confirmed that Abdelhak Nouri, the Dutch player of Moroccan descent, was awakened from his coma after 3 years in bed due to a fall accident he suffered while participating in a friendly match with his team Ajax against Werder Bremen team, where he suffered a heart attack that put him in a coma, This caused him serious and permanent brain damage, which is likely not to result in football at all.

Nuri had an accident in the summer of 2017 when he was 20 years old, and from that day he did not wake up but was currently hospitalized.

The newspaper, quoting the Dutch network (VB), said that Abdel Rahim Nuri, the player’s brother, confirmed that Abdelhak Nuri woke up and that he (he eats, falls asleep and wakes up, but is bedridden).



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