A planet with a temperature of 2400 degrees .. And its sky is raining iron!


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Researchers have discovered a planet in a distant solar system, which is very hot, indicating that “there is a belief that it is witnessing rain from drops of hot liquid iron.”

Scientists used the European Southern Observatory telescope (ESO) in Chile to observe The planet Called “Wasp-76b”, it is located approximately 640 light-years from a planet Earth. According to scientists, “The discovered planet is one of the most extreme planets discovered outside the solar system in terms of climate and chemical composition, and it belongs to a type of planet called the giant gas planets that are very hot.”

The temperature on the surface of this planet during the day is about 2400 degrees Celsius, and the radiation received by the planet is 4000 times more than that received by the earth from solar radiation. The enormous heat contributes to the evaporation of the minerals on the planet and carries strong winds of iron vapor to the darker side of the planet, where it condenses and turns into drops of liquid iron.

Image source: getty (expressive)

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