A new surprise in the Egyptian Stock Exchange amid “Corona” concerns


All indicators of the Egyptian Stock Exchange increased, beginning the trading session on Sunday, the beginning of the week’s sessions, and the market capital increased by 15.3 billion pounds after 20 minutes of the start of the trading session.

The index “EGX 30” increased by 4.96% to reach the level of 9661 points, the index of medium and small companies “EGX 70 equal weights” increased by 1.57% to the level of 853 points, and the index “EGX 100” rose 2.36% to reach the level of 952 points.

The “EGX 50” index rose by 3.09% to reach the level of 1236 points, the “EGX 30 Weighted Index” index jumped 4.28% to the level of 10629 points, and the EGX 30 index of the total return increased by 3.99% to reach the level of 3660 points.


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