A new smart watch that works with electronic ink .. Get to know it


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A new smart watch that works with electronic ink .. Get to know it, today, Saturday 7 March 2020 08:02 pm

SQFMI unveiled its new smart watch, the name Wuxi, with a new technology at a competitive price as its screen operates in electronic ink, for an exceptional price of $ 55, equivalent to EGP 850.

The advantage of electronic ink is to provide the energy of the clock for the maximum possible time of use, because smart watches drain the energy continuously in order to display the continuous time and record vital data.

The Wuxi watch consumes no power except when changing the screen content, the screen resolution of electronic ink is 200 x 200 pixels, and it also relies on the DS3231 RTC unit to show the current time correctly.

SQFMI equiped its Wuxi watch with technical equipment on the BMA423 accelerometer sensor, enabling physical activity tracking, especially step count.

The smart watch comes with Wi-Fi technology, Bluetooth Low Energy, plus a vibration motor and four buttons to control the watch completely.

On the battery side, it works for two weeks, and the watch works with gestures.

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