A new injury in Lebanon is not the same as its predecessors. This is what the Corona counter recorded on Thursday


Rajana wrote a diet in “News“The number of coronavirus infections increased to 16, after adding a new case yesterday, according to the Beirut Governmental Hospital report. This time, the infection is not similar to its predecessors in terms of the“ country ”that it came from, as it is the first infection recorded from outside the officially endemic countries. With the new infection coming from Britain, the level of fear is rising and the country is getting closer and closer to the assumption of exit from containment.

A new infection was added, yesterday, to the “list” of people infected with Coronavirus, bringing the number to 16. 24 hours after recording two HIV infections, a new infection was recorded for a Lebanese woman who came a few days ago on board a plane coming from Britain.

16 A case recorded by the Corona counter until yesterday afternoon … Also, a new country entered the list of countries “infected” with the virus, which now requires dealing with the following aircraft with more caution and taking more exceptional measures. After China, Iran, Italy and Egypt (the day before yesterday), yesterday Britain formally came out on the list. Perhaps the fastest procedure, after this case is proven, is to reconnect with all the passengers on the plane that the woman came with, as well as her family members, to take appropriate measures. According to the Ministry of Health sources, the latter has started “communicating with family members to inquire about whom she met or contacted with them to examine them, and in the event that there are no apparent symptoms, they are required to adhere to domestic isolation,” and the same applies to the two injuries that were recorded the day before yesterday. The sources also drew attention to the fact that the Ministry is working in coordination with the Ministry of Interior and Municipalities to communicate with the concerned municipalities to follow up on those who have recently come from the “affected” countries to count and follow them..

In the same context, the President of Beirut International Airport, the Director General of the Civil Aviation Agency, Fadi Al-Hassan, indicated that in the latter case, it is up to the Ministry of Public Health to re-verify the health of the passengers on the plane that came on board, knowing that “not necessarily according to the team It is medical at the airport that the infected people have caught the virus from the countries that came through its airports. ” Al-Hassan stressed that “what we are taking are measures that we abide by what is issued by the World Health Organization.” He pointed to a new circular distributed to airlines yesterday, that “we added to the list of countries Japan, Hong Kong and Macao.”

This circular comes as a continuation of the previous circular that stipulated the suspension of transportation for people coming from countries experiencing an outbreak of the Corona virus, which included “China, South Korea, Iran and Italy”, and may be followed by other circulars that may be imposed “when necessary, other countries determined by the Committee to follow up on measures and preventive measures for the Corona virus “. The circular was accompanied by the issuance of a recommendation by the Parliamentary Works Committee to “examine passengers departing from Beirut to some countries to ensure their safety and the safety of the countries they travel to”“.

In the figures released by Beirut Governmental Hospital in his report yesterday, there are so far “19 cases in the quarantine area”, while yesterday 19 people were left in the quarantine area in the hospital, after the result of the laboratory test was negative.


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