A new feature from “Instagram” that wipes self-contained messages



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New feature in “Instagram”

The social networking site “Instagram” is developing a new feature that allows the deletion of messages exchanged between users after a specified period of time similar to the feature of temporary messages that distinguish the application of instant chat and social communication “Snapchat”.

The website “CNet.com” specializing in technology issues pointed out that Jin Mansion Wong, a reverse engineering expert, monitored “Instagram” experiments to develop this feature, when she discovered the existence of a new code in the “Instagram” application for smart devices running the Android operating system, where the code is loaded The new name for the phrase “do not speak evil”.

Wong posted a message on the social networking site “Twitter” in which he stated that the new feature is active when “Instagram” users write their messages through the Dark Mode window that is opened through “Instagram Direct”, the messages that are exchanged are deleted once you close the window.

For his part, Facebook site “Instagram”, confirmed the discovery of Wong.

And the site “Instagram” said: “We are always looking for new features to improve the conversation service (between users) … The development of this feature is still at an early stage and has not been tested externally yet.”

It is mentioned that the temporary message exchange feature during instant chat automatically achieved success on other social networking sites.

The most popular social network, Facebook, tried to compete with Snapchat in this feature when it launched the temporary chat application called “Slingshot” in 2014, after its failed attempt to acquire “Snapchat” for $ 3 billion.

The Slingshot app would allow users to share photos and videos that disappear after watching them, but Facebook withdrew the app one year after launching it.

At the same time, the social networking site “Twitter” is testing the feature of temporary messages, and announced earlier this month that it is testing a feature that allows users to send texts and videos that disappear within 24 hours, indicating that this feature aims to make users feel more comfortable when sharing ideas and content Online.


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