A mountain lion devours a child from his father’s grip at lightning speed .. And when he managed to escape, the surprise that turned things upside down .. Watch (photos)!


In a terrible incident, it nearly killed a six-year-old when a mountain lion pounced upon him for his predation, but a rare courage for an American man saved the child from certain death between the claws and fangs of a predator.

A group of boys and children went out for a walk in Santa Clara, California, on Sunday, when a mountain lion surprised them and attacked the girl, prompting one of the men in the group to rush towards the animal, and punching his ribs. And the lion escaped. The girl was only slightly injured, and the park was closed in search of the lion, according to CNN.

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“Rancho San Antonio County Park” issued a statement advising people on how to best act, if they encounter a mountain lion.

The statement said that a person must inflate his stand and make loud noises if he encounters a mountain lion, and he must avoid turning his back on the predator.


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