A mockery of the muzzle of dreams encrusted with diamonds and their reaction Art Saraya News Agency


Saraya – Ahlam caused a stir by her reaction to a follow-up that circulated a picture of a diamond mask, while writing a satirical commentary indicating that it belonged to the Emirati artist.

Dream jewelry

It is known about the actress Ahlam that she loves jewelry and has valuable pieces of it, and this prompted a follow-up to comment on a diamond muzzle that it would be for the Emirati star in order to confront the Corona virus.

And one of the accounts posted a picture of a muzzle with a diamond frame and a precious stone hanging from it, and the comment came: “The muzzle of the artist Ahlam”

Ahlam’s reaction came to the post, by re-publishing the tweet via her Twitter account, which prompted the follow-up to express her great happiness with this situation, saying: “The most beautiful thing that has become for me this year is the retweet of Lea from the artist Ahlam.”

Dreams after dieting

Dreams grabbed her attention recently with a noticeable weight loss, when she posted a video of her behind the scenes as she prepared to revive a wedding in Saudi Arabia.

On the secret of Ahlam’s grace, she previously stated that she follows a healthy food diet while exercising regularly

Initially, the audience thought that the dreams of Photoshop dreams, but that their frequent appearance in concerts is remarkably graceful, with their various appearances in “The Voice” Season 5, assuring everyone that they really lost extra weight.

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