A message from Lebanese students in Italy to the Minister of Information and Government


The Lebanese students in Italy sent a message in Rome to the Minister of Information Dr. Manal Abdel Samad Najd for transmission to the Lebanese government.The message that Mohamed Kamal on behalf of the students sent through the office of the “National Information Agency” said: “We take the opportunity to send through the agency’s office in Rome a letter to His Excellency the Minister of Information and to all officials in Lebanon, explaining the difficult conditions that Lebanese students live in Italy, as many of them suffer from conditions. Harsh living and do not have the ability to even buy some basic needs .. The high rate of injuries and deaths hysterically in northern Italy, where there is the largest number of students gathering, creating a state of panic and fear among some especially the young age groups and their psychological state gets worse day by day.
Therefore, we decided, as a group of Lebanese residents in these cities, to form an emergency cell in direct coordination with the Lebanese embassy and consulate in Rome and Milan to follow up the situation of the Lebanese and strive to address the material, logistical and psychological problems as possible. Thanks to a philanthropist, he went to us through the embassy very thankfully, who assisted all those who sought help to be able to continue for some time, but the situation could get worse at any time and the burden becomes not portable. ”

The letter added: “In my name and in the name of the Lebanese students, we ask the relevant authorities in Lebanon to continuously pursue our conditions and address the problems that the Lebanese student suffers, especially since the” Corona “virus crisis in Italy is heading for the worse, and it is expected that the frequency will continue to increase in severity for months, according to sources Italian.
We demand the securing of an evacuation plane from Italy to Lebanon for the Lebanese who wish to return to Lebanon and spend the quarantine there, taking into account the necessary and compulsory medical procedures adopted by other countries, and with our full certainty that it is necessary not to help in spreading the disease, but this should be provided with conditions that allow us that.
Secondly, the Lebanese embassy has gratefully resolved a large part of the banking crisis that students suffer from with regard to withdrawing money. However, we demand the lifting of all restrictions imposed by Lebanese banks on bank transfers abroad, which students in Italy have suffered greatly from, especially with many of them losing their jobs. Associated with their university studies due to the declaration of a state of emergency in the country. ”

The letter concluded: “We hope that your Excellency will consider the call made, because the situation can turn into catastrophic and cannot postpone any delay. Many students are under the burden of hunger, bankruptcy and isolation.”


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