A medical expert for Al-Bayan: Corona’s treatments in America are promising – one world – outside the borders


Dr. Heba Mustafa, a graduate of Alexandria Medicine, and associate professor in the pathology department “Pathology” at Johns Hopkins University, USA, works as the director of the Diagnostic Laboratory for Virology Laboratory, in one of the most important medical schools in the United States. Its professional website gave it the opportunity to try to gain a close understanding of the genetic development of viruses, including the emerging Corona virus.

Dr. Heba Mustafa established the Corona Virus Diagnostic Unit, “Covid 19”, which will be able to examine and diagnose about a thousand cases in 3 hours, after it was taking 3 days, which caused an acute shortage of diagnostic tests, which made these rapid tests impact Great effort in controlling the disease. Her team is working to meet the great demand for examination and diagnostic tests in light of increasing cases locally and globally, because no one expected this virus to turn into a pandemic, which is why the public health laboratories in America are unable to face this many tests, but it is now possible to face more Of cases gradually.

Dr. Heba Mustafa tells Al-Bayan that the Johns Hopkins University viral laboratory is diagnosing diseases related to viruses such as influenza and hepatitis. Corona virus analysis was included in the laboratory’s work after the government opened this laboratory analysis. Changes in the genetic characteristics of the virus are also studied with the time, place and severity of the disease, indicating the importance of this at a time when the United States has become one of the countries most affected by the virus.

She added that the hope that we can cling to is in three things, the first: decisions that lead to contain the repercussions of the virus by reducing friction between people and the closure of schools and commercial centers, etc., secondly: treatment, and the third: access to an anti-virus vaccine.

With regard to treatment, there are several promising attempts in terms of initial results and experiments have begun on patients already, we hope to achieve good results, and there are researches on the immunomodulators that are taken from patients who were cured after infection with the virus to treat other patients, and in the case of the success of these therapeutic experiments may be available It is available during this year if its results are successful. On the opposite vaccine, she said, it still takes time, perhaps not less than a year, given that he needs a lot of experience before putting it on the market.



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