A love story that collected the artist Samia Jamal and Farid al-Atrash and finished by King Farouk


A love story that collected the artist Samia Jamal and Farid al-Atrash and finished by King Farouk
96 years have passed since the birth of the Egyptian butterfly, Samia Gamal, who invented a special technique in belly dancing mixed with Western movements, she was charming every step she took, she has a special skill in attracting the eyes of the audience and not distracting their eyes from her for a moment, and her real name is Zainab Khalil Ibrahim Mahfouz.

She began her artistic life with the Badia Musabni troupe, where she participated in the group dance dances, and in 1943 she began working in the field of cinema, where she formed a successful duet with the artist Farid Al Atrash in several films and presented his songs with her best dances and the most famous of them through six famous films.

Some newspapers at the time reported many rumors of a great love story that brought together the two great stars of that period, but Farid al-Atrash’s insistence not to marry put an end to this relationship.

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Samia Jamal later married Rushdi Abaza in the late 1950s, while Farid al-Atrash remained without marriage until his death, as there was Samia Jamal another marriage at the beginning of her artistic life by an American young man named Abdullah King.

The story of love started between Samia and Farid, before the beginning of the first in art and acting, where she was a fan of Farid al-Atrash and was constantly listening to his lyric works and wished to have the opportunity to act with him or dance for his singing.

Director Ahmed Badrakhan asked Badia Masabani, a group of dancers, for his new movie, “The Victory of the Youth”. It was her start in the cinema, and the true start was in her role in the film “Red and Clear” in front of Rihani in 1946, after which she became a brilliant planet from the movie planets.

Her life’s wish was finally to act and dance in front of Farid Al-Atrash. The first of these films was the movie “Habib Al-Omar.” Then this film was followed by five others, which are: “Elfra Hanem – I love you – the last bite – the Almighty handed – the one who does not know,” despite The story of love that arose between them and which is not hidden from anyone, except that it failed because of King Farouk, who was not liking Farid al-Atrash for not singing to him, and offering homework and loyalty.

The king removed the greeting of the first palace dancer, Carioca, and came to Samia Jamal until he fell in love with her, and she did not leave him in his travels, until he rumored that he married her customary, which affected her relationship with Farid al-Atrash, who was sensitive in a big way, and he responded to rumors and hearsay.

Samia Jamal, through her practice of oriental dance, has worked for many years to develop her own style, as her dance was distinguished by a mixture of oriental and western dancing, and Samia Jamal focused on her dance, to provide a state of fascination to the spectator through clothes, music, lighting, and dance dances created by young dancers In the background, it is worth noting that Samia Gamal has created an artistic counter-oriental dance in belly dance, the salute of the famous dancer, Karioka. While Samia relied on mixing eastern and western dance, she took a salute toward the oriental and ancient Egyptian dances, diversified the old movements and presented them in a more modern way.

In the early 1970s, actress Samia Jamal retired from lights and art, then returned to dance in the mid-eighties, but soon retired until her death on December 1, 1994.

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