A large recovery in e-services due to Corona


Hong Kong – Between the collapse of exchanges and the difficult situation of companies, the spread of the new Corona virus has a very severe economic impact that may result in major transformations in the world, which will apparently be the biggest beneficiaries of some technology and Internet companies.
With nearly a billion people in their homes around the world, everyone turns to electronic services and new tools that allow them to adapt to the exceptional circumstances currently prevailing.
“I think some aspects of work and organization will be permanently altered upon exit from the current situation,” said Professor of Organizational Behavior at the Saeed School of Business at Oxford University Sally Maitlis.
“People will discover that they can work and communicate in a way that has not occurred to them yet. This will force them to adapt more to technology,” she said.
E-commerce giants vs. independent stores
The major e-shopping sites reported an increase in orders as consumers quarantined moved to purchase essential items online.


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