A Jordanian court obliges Kazem Al-Saher to pay $ 44,000 for reviving concerts


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A Jordanian court obliges Kazem Al-Saher to pay 44 thousand dollars due to the revival of concerts, today Sunday 29 March 2020 03:35 pm



The Amman Court of First Instance decided today, Sunday, to obligate Iraqi artist Kazem Al-Saher to pay a fine to the Jordanian Artists Association in the amount of (44000) US dollars or its equivalent in Jordanian dinars. From the date of the claim until the full payment.

This court ruling came after it was proven to her that the defendant artist Kazem El-Saher is an Arab singer, and in 2018 he revived two concerts for him at the Dead Sea Conference Palace Hotel, and in 2019 he revived two concerts in the city of Amman without obtaining a prior license from the Jordanian Artists Association.

As a result of what he had done, he had resulted in 10% of his estimated wage allowance of (110,000), despite his repeated requests to correct his situation, but he did not respond to the plaintiff, and the plaintiff filed this suit.

It is worth mentioning that the court ruling came as a prima facie case against the artist Kazem El-Saher, as he informed the case of publication and did not attend court sessions.

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