A Jordanian court obliges Kazem Al-Saher to pay $ 44,000, and an interrogation awaits him if he visits the kingdom


A Jordanian court ruled to obligate Iraqi artist Kazem Al-Saher to pay a fine of $ 44,000, against the backdrop of accusing him of holding two parties in Jordan without obtaining a license, according to Jordanian media, Monday, March 30, 2020.

The Jordanian newspaper “Al-Dustour” said that “the Amman Court of First Instance through the Judicial Commission in Andalus Al-Hamoud obliged Al-Saher to pay the Jordanian Artists Association the amount of 44,000 US dollars or its equivalent in Jordanian dinars.”

The newspaper pointed out that Al-Saher did not attend the trial session, and that he was informed of the case, and the court also ruled to compel the Iraqi artist to pay the price of fees, expenses, and the amount of 1,000 dinars of legal fees, while no response was issued by Al-Saher.

According to the Arabi Post website, this ruling comes after the Jordanian Artists Association claimed that Al-Saher held two concerts for him in Jordan, the first in 2018 at the Conference Palace in the Dead Sea, and the second in 2019 in Amman, noting that he did not obtain a license to do so, and as a result of what he As a result, he was charged 10% of his estimated wage allowance of $ 110,000.

Jordanian media had published a copy of a document issued by the Syndicate of Artists in Jordan, and the website, “Khubrani” said that the document issued an ultimatum to Al-Saher due to his failure to pay the taxes due on him in exchange for his singing in Jordan.

For his part, the head of the Jordanian artists, Hassan Al-Khatib, said that “the union registered a lawsuit against Al-Saher, the Egyptian artist Amal Maher 25 and other artists, to demand financial benefits for the union.”

Al-Khatib added, in statements reported by Al-Dustour newspaper, that the union demands these 3% of the contracts concluded, estimating the value of the amount owed to the union at 35,000 Jordanian dinars, noting that the union informed Al-Saher’s business manager and the rest of the Arab artists of the suits against them.

In this regard, Al-Khatib also confirmed that the investigation into the case is continuing, and that the court will summon them when they come to Jordan.


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