A fine for those who do not disclose their health data at the border


Source: Dubai – Arabic.net

The Saudi Public Prosecution announced today, Monday, that the kingdom will impose a fine of up to half a million Saudi riyals for those who do not disclose their health data and details of their travel movements at ports of entry to the country, as part of its attempt to limit the spread of the new Corona virus.

A statement issued by the Public Prosecution stated that, “All travelers arriving on international trips to the Kingdom, and those responsible for the different means of transport or its operators at the entry points, must comply with international and local health regulations and requirements.”

The statement added that a fine of up to 500,000 riyals will be imposed on people who do not comply with the instructions, and he said that the transport operators will be responsible for any damage resulting from their violation of the instructions.

And Saudi Arabia announced Sunday evening, temporarily suspending the travel of citizens and residents to and from a number of countries to control and limit the spread of the Corona virus, in addition to the decision of the government of the Kingdom, to temporarily limit entry to its lands for those coming from the UAE, Kuwait and Bahrain to air ports only.

The Saudi Press Agency, “SPA”, quoted an official source in the Saudi Ministry of Interior, saying that this decision comes “according to the preventive and precautionary measures recommended by the competent health authorities in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, as part of its efforts to control the new Corona virus (COVID19).” And prevent its entry and spread. ”

The source added: “Out of concern to protect the health of citizens and residents and ensure their safety, the government of the Kingdom decided to temporarily suspend the travel of citizens and residents to the United Arab Emirates, the State of Kuwait, the Kingdom of Bahrain, the Republic of Lebanon, the Syrian Arab Republic, the Republic of South Korea, and the Republic of Egypt The Arab Republic of Italy and the Republic of Iraq, as well as suspending the entry of those coming from those countries, or the entry of those who were present with them during the 14 days preceding his arrival. ”

Saudi Arabia also decided to stop air and sea flights between the Kingdom and the mentioned countries. The source excluded from this evacuation, shipping and trade trips, taking the necessary and necessary precautions.

The source added that the Ministries of Interior and Health have the task of coordination to deal with humanitarian and exceptional cases.

For its part, the Saudi Ministry of Health has called, on Sunday, everyone who was in endemic areas to immediately contact the “Health Communication 937” center to obtain advice that protects and protects his family and society.

For his part, a responsible Saudi source had denounced, on Thursday, Iran’s behavior for entering Saudis into its territory without stamping their passports, calling on all citizens who returned from Iran during the past weeks to disclose this. It is noteworthy that Saudi Arabia recorded many new cases of Coronavirus with people who returned from Iran through other countries, without disclosing this.

The official source urged “all Saudi citizens who visited Iran and returned during the past weeks, to immediately disclose this, and to contact the Ministry of Health through the toll-free number 937 designated for private communications to guide them to the measures to be taken.”


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