A famous Russian singer falls on stage .. what happened to her?


The most important and recent news of women today: Monday 9 March 2020
With the details of the news: The woman’s news: Watch the video: A famous Russian singer falls on stage .. What happened to her?

Eve: A lot of celebrities fell and stumbled on the stage, but most of them got up easily, re-singing, and the last one to fall on the stage of the power strongly, a famous Russian singer, so what happened to her?

Russian singer Anastasiya Vishnoyskaya, 30, from Krasnodar Territory, fell from the stage during the performance and broke her foot.
The accident occurred at the governor’s reception, when the artist Anastasia approached the edge of the stage without seeing her well, as the girl was unable at some point to maintain her balance and fell to the orchestra in a shocking way.

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The video clip shows, the singer falls a few meters away from the orchestra and although she had received a foot fracture, she continued to sing until the end until midnight and the arrival of March 8, International Women’s Day, according to “360”.

Russian newspapers quoted the director of the concert and the sound engineers that Anastasia’s singing, defying the pain of sharp fracture at her feet, the pinnacle of professionalism and wonderful serious commitment.
The artist was transferred to the hospital after she finished her concert, which she performed as part of International Women’s Day celebrations, and she underwent surgery on the day before yesterday, Saturday.

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