A famous artist, who is detained in Lebanon due to Corona, threatens to seek legal redress


Artist Nadia El-Gendy confirmed that she decided to resort to the judiciary and take legal measures against impersonators on Facebook.She published a picture from one of the fake pages, and wrote through her account on “Instagram”: “I do not have any pages on Facebook, nor any other or I will be legally prosecuted, that is, a page and someone who speaks and plays with my name, and upon my return from Lebanon I will take all legal measures to close These pages and all the counties and the ones who created them. “

Nadia al-Jundi, Nabila Obeid and a number of other artists are still forced to remain under house arrest in the Lebanese capital Beirut, after the precautionary measures taken by the Lebanese government to prevent the spread of the Corona virus, by stopping the movement of air, in addition to preventing gatherings, which caused the cessation of photographing works That was visualized there throughout the last period.


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