A famous artist reveals a surprise about his pornographic scenes and beats the director of the movie


The great Egyptian artist Hussein Fahmy blew a heavy caliber surprise regarding pornographic scenes in the movie The Lady of the Black Moons, which caused a stir in Egypt and demanded that fans and critics be excluded from the Actors Syndicate.

Fahmy said, according to the Egyptian newspaper, “The Seventh Day”, that he did not shoot these porn scenes at all, and the director used a similar analogy that he added excitement to these scenes.

“I filmed this movie in Lebanon, and when I came back to Cairo, I was shocked by the reaction demanding that I be tried, and when I returned to the director, he asked me to watch the film via video. This was a new invention, and I did not understand anything.”

He continued, I bought a video device and revealed the movie. I found pornographic scenes in which they used a resemblance doppler, which showed, for example, while I was riding in my car and entering an apartment, then in a dim light above in the apartment, a similar to me is depicted from his back in disruptive scenes.

Fahmy said that he went to the lawyer and asked him to file a complaint with the Attorney General and indeed he met the Attorney General who discovered after the formation of a Vena Committee, that there are scenes in which he and the artist Nahid Yousry did not participate.

He stressed that because of the civil war in Lebanon, he was unable to find the director, but when he saw him at a festival he was already beating him.


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