A drug that could be the “first step” to eradicate SK … clinical trials are promising


The famous French drug group “Sanofi” announced late Tuesday it was ready to provide millions of doses of “Blaquenel”, the drug it has been producing for decades, after it said it had demonstrated “promising” results in treating patients with the Corona virus, with great interest, given The scare that the epidemic raises on the international level.

Sanofi indicated that this amount it could provide was sufficient to treat 300,000 potential patients.

A spokesman for “Sanofi” told AFP that in light of the encouraging results of a study on this drug, “Sanofi pledges to put its medicine within France’s reach and provide millions of doses, a quantity that can allow the treatment of 300,000 patients,” stressing at the same time that the group The drug is ready to cooperate with the French authorities “to confirm these results“.

“Blackknell” is a drug composed of “hydroxychloroquine” molecules, and it has been used for decades in the treatment of malaria and autoimmune diseases such as lupus and arthritis..

On Monday, Professor Didier Raoul, Director of the University Hospital Institute in Marseille, said that he had conducted a clinical trial that showed that this drug could “contribute to the eradication of the emerging corona virus”.“.

According to the study, conducted by Professor Raoul on 24 patients with the virus, Corona disappeared from the bodies of three quarters of these six days after they started taking the drug.

A spokesperson for the French government, Sibeth Ndiaye, said earlier that this clinical trial was “promising” and that more of it will be performed on more patients. “

Ndiaye said after a cabinet meeting that future clinical trials “will be conducted with a team independent of Professor (Didier) Raoul”, stressing at the same time that even at this stage “we have no scientific evidence” that this treatment is effective..

In fact, many experts call for caution in the absence of further studies, and warn of possible serious side effects, especially in cases of overdose..

For his part, Minister of Health Olivier Ferrand said during a press conference by telephone, “I have seen the results, and I have given permission for other teams to conduct, as soon as possible, a more comprehensive experience on a larger number of patients.”“.

The Minister expressed his hope that “these new experiences confirm the interesting results” obtained by Professor Raoul, and stressed “the absolute importance that any decision related to a public health policy, based on reliable scientific data and unambiguous verification processes,” According to what was reported by “France Press”.


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