A disc organizer holds a 10-hour concert on Instagram – Our Life – Destinations


A famous CD coordinator held a party that lasted 10 hours continuously via “Instagram”, as he considered entertainment and vigilance to continue, even if it was in the home stone, with the spread of the new Corona virus.

And the famous DJ coordinator D-Nice began holding virtual concerts via the “Instagram Live” channel in an attempt to boost morale, while people isolate themselves in the homes because of fears of the spread of infection Corona emerging.

Many of his celebrity friends like Rihanna and John Legend participated as guests of honor in his concerts thanks to the feature “Instagram Lives People” that allows two people to appear on a split screen. D-Nice had announced that he would hold a “Home School” ballroom as people moved away from each other, put CDs in his kitchen, and invited his 950,000 followers to listen and dance. “From my kitchen, I am able to send positive indications to each of you,” said the disc writer.

Over 100,000 people followed his party, where former US first lady Michelle Obama hosted.




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