A comprehensive plan to develop arbitration in 4 years


The Referees Committee of the Emirates Football Association held its first meeting yesterday through the visual communication system headed by Ali Hamad Al Badawi, with the participation of Salem Abdullah Al Shamsi, Vice Chairman of the Committee, Saleh Al Marzouqi, Ibrahim Youssef Al Mansouri, Hamad Hassan bin Hanifa, Awad Masri Al Dhaheri, and Fatima Saif Al Amri, members of the committee Ali Al-Tarifi, Director of Referees Department, Khaled Al-Dokhi, Technical Director, Ahmed Yaqoub, Resident and Lecturer in Charge, and Mohammed Al-Ashmawi as Rapporteur.

The committee agreed to activate the financial list of discounts and penalties for referees as soon as the sport activity resumed and made some adjustments to it in a manner consistent with the use of assistive video referee technology, and recommended the continuity of communication with the International and Asian Football Federations towards the use of international lecturers during training courses and internal and external camps and workshops. The committee mandated the referees’ administration to submit a comprehensive and integrated work plan for the development of the arbitration wire during the next four years.

The Committee submitted a recommendation to the Board of Directors of the Football Association to adopt the results of 28 new rulers, and another recommendation was made to approve the promotion of 9 referees from the second degree to the first degree, 6 referees from the third degree to the second degree, and 6 referees from the new to the third degree.

The committee decided to form a sub-committee to manage the technical work of the referees of the first team, the referees of the second group and the referees’ residents, in addition to a team for the referees of the stages of the years, a team for the referees and beach soccer officials, and a team for referees.


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