A calculation by an expert reveals that Turkey is overcrowded by half a million people with corona


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Urgent news, world news today: a calculation of an expert reveals that Turkey is crowded with half a million people with corona

World News Today – Latest update: Sunday 4 Shaaban 1441 AH – March 29, 2020 KSA 00:20 – GMT 21:20
Posted on: Sunday 4 Shaaban 1441 AH – March 29, 2020 KSA 00:15 – GMT 21:15 Source: London-Arab.net

Turkey is crowded with half a million people infected with the new corona, according to a calculation by a Turkish expert, which appeared in a video in which he described the authorities in his country as being satisfied with denying the large outbreak of the virus, instead of adopting a preemptive policy that curbs its spread, as Al-Arabiya.net learned from an article It was written on Saturday at the Insider Monkey website that deals with business and financial news, knowing that the Turkish authorities recognized the presence of 7,402 people on Saturday, and their number was mentioned in the latest inventory issued by the “World Health Organization” yesterday.

The Turkish expert Inan Dogan has a PhD in which he can shorten her knowledge of the ETF letters referring to the “Traded Indicators Fund” besides that he is a researcher and familiar with Turkish affairs and the manager of the site in which he wrote his article in English, according to what “Arabic.net” read about him, and that he based what he wrote in the article on a template. My account adopted it to calculate the number of injured in the United States, and its results are identical to the outcome recorded by Washington so far, which he says in his Turkish language in the video shown below.

Annan Dogan wrote in his article, that Turkey recorded only two deaths 11 days ago, then increased by 4,500% and the number of deaths reached 92 in 11 days, so he said: “If the virus affects 100 people, only one of them will be fatal, and the rest will surpass theirs, After 5 to 6 days after a person is infected with the virus, symptoms begin, “knowing that almost half of the infected people may have no symptoms. Therefore, he believes that “they have an important role in spreading the virus so quickly” as he put it, adding that 92 Turks have died, and they were not infected with the virus today or yesterday, but at least 24 days ago.

Dogan explains what he mentioned, that on March 3, there were 100 people infected for every death in Turkey, a total of 9200 people who were infected with the new virus in the country on that date, and when March 21 came, there were at least 500,000 people infected with the virus, and by By mid-April, the death toll will exceed 5,000, or 1% of all injured.

And the Turkish health uniform, Fakhruddin Kuja, is the number of injured and dead people who reported Saturday

On Saturday, Turkish Health Minister Fahrettin Koca said in a tweet with his twitter account that 16 people had died in the last 24 hours, and that the number had risen to 108 dead, while the number of injured had increased to 7,402.

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