“A big surprise” for the most famous Corona patient


After I published a video of her suffering from the emerging coronavirus, and the severe pain she faced after her infection, a stark surprise came to the British lady who was considered the “icon of the infected” with the disease that threatens humanity.

The 39-year-old British mother, Tara Jane Langston, became one of the most famous people infected with the virus, after she published a painful video of her suffering, which found widespread sympathy in Britain and many parts of the world.

However, the surprise was that Langston was discharged from the hospital after a rapid improvement in her health, according to Sky News.

Langston published the famous video immediately after entering the hospital, and appeared in great pain, and the British press considered that the video was a “reality slap” for many citizens, especially young people, to be cautious of Corona.

In the video, Langston looked pale-faced, suffering to be able to breathe, and even described it as if there were glass pieces in her lungs, which prompted many to worry, especially as Jin was not 40 years old, and she practiced exercise in her daily life.

According to the Daily Mail, hospital was released from Langston from intensive care, after her condition improved greatly, as she was taken home where she will stay there.

“I am still on the road to recovery, but I feel much better,” Langston said after the exit. “I beat Corona.”

Langston confirmed that she was not suffering from any health problems before infection with the virus, and she was living a very healthy life, and she never expected that Corona would catch her.

The video of Langston’s sufferings received great sympathy from the British on social media, and many considered it the most influential video on awareness of the dangers of Corona.



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