A $ 2 trillion support package to tackle Corona faltering in the US Senate


WASHINGTON (Reuters) – A wide-ranging stimulus package did not win approval from the US Senate on Monday as Democrats say it provides the least money to states and hospitals and is free of sufficient restrictions on a fund to help big companies.

With 49 votes to 46, a two-trillion-dollar measure did not get the 60 votes needed to move forward, with the sharp division within the council continuing for the second day. Senator Doug Jones of Alabama was the only Democrat to vote for the bill with Republicans.

Congress has already passed legislation to reduce the economic impact of the pandemic, which has killed at least 506 people in the United States and sickened more than 43,000, prompting state governors to order that nearly a third of the nation’s residents need their homes while millions face the risk of losing their jobs.

The atmosphere was strained in the Senate on Monday, with Republicans accusing Democratic members of obstruction in the midst of a national crisis.

“The country is burning and you want political games,” said Republican Senator John Thun, accusing Democrats of “stalling.”

Democrats have said they are close to reaching a deal with the Republicans, and Senate Chuck Schumer, leader of Democrats in the Senate, said a revised version could win approval on Monday. But they insisted that more oversight materials should include a $ 500 billion fund for large companies.

“Take a deep breath,” said Democratic Senator Dick Durbin. We will approve this bill. ”

Prepared by Ahmed Elhamy for the Arabic Bulletin


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