95 citizens have disclosed that they are still in Iran


Source: Dubai- Arabia.net

The Saudi Ministry of Health announced, on Saturday, that the number of those initiating the disclosure of their presence in Iran has reached, as of this morning, 26 citizens currently in the Kingdom.

She added that the number of those present in Iran who officially disclosed their presence reached 95 citizens, while it was limited to 7 who are currently in other countries.

And the ministry called, Friday, to disclose the presence in Iran during the past fourteen days before the end of Saturday, to avoid the application of sanctions.

She said in a tweet on her Twitter account: “Take the initiative to disclose your presence in Iran during the past 14 days by calling the health number 937, and from outside the Kingdom + 966920005937 in order to preserve your health, the health of your family and the community, and to avoid the application of sanctions before the end of Saturday 12 Rajab 1441 corresponding March 7, 2020 “.

This alert came after a responsible Saudi source denounced, on Thursday, Iran’s behavior for entering Saudis into its territory without stamping their passports, calling on all citizens who returned from Iran in the past weeks to disclose this.

The official source urged “all Saudi citizens who visited Iran and returned during the past weeks, to disclose this immediately, and to communicate with the Ministry of Health through the toll-free number 937 designated for private communications to guide them to the measures to be taken.”

He also urged citizens who are currently visiting Iran to disclose this upon their arrival in Saudi Arabia. He stressed that these citizens will be excluded from applying the provisions of the travel documents system and its executive regulations in the event that they initiated this within a maximum period of 48 hours from the time of issuing this statement.

The Saudi Ministry of Health had previously reported 5 cases of new corona virus infection for citizens who had come from Iran through Bahrain and Kuwait, and it later turned out that they had not disclosed to the relevant authorities their travel to Iran upon their return to the Kingdom.


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