837 new deaths recorded in Corona in Italy, and the rate of infection is declining – one world – outside the borders


Italy recorded 837 new deaths from the new Corona virus (Covid-19) on Tuesday, but the spread of the epidemic continues to decline.

The daily bulletin of the Civil Protection Agency stated that the death toll in Italy rose to 12428, the highest in the world.

The total toll, including recovery and death, reached 105,792, a 4 percent increase from Monday. This is the lowest daily rate recorded since the beginning of the virus outbreak.

Active cases, with the exception of deaths and recovery, increased by 2.8 percent to 77,635, while the number of patients who recovered from the virus increased by 7.6 percent to 15,729 patients.

“We are in a situation where we have reached some level of hillside high in the contagion curve,” said Silvio Brosaviero, President of the National Institute of Health.

He added: “Reaching this level of elevated hill levels does not mean that we have reached the top of the mountain and that it has ended up with this. This means that we must start to decline (in the number of new cases),” and he renewed calls not to stop imposing closures National.

Italian Prime Minister Giuseppe Conte said in an interview with a German TV channel on Tuesday that the issuance of joint bonds in favor of the eurozone countries or the so-called “Eurobond” will not make the Germans bear the responsibility to pay the Italian debt.

Conte stated in the interview with German state television “ARD” that the issuance of common euro bonds “does not mean that German citizens will pay one euro of Italian debt .. it (euro bonds) simply means finding a common way to deal with crises and create market conditions” Better to get cash to fund reconstruction efforts after the end of the Corona virus. ”

Italians are still subject to strict orders to stay at home, leaving only for work, emergencies and unavoidable tasks such as buying food and medicine or taking dogs out.



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