8 million dollars .. the outcome of Elton John’s charity party on the Internet to fight against Corona


About eight million dollars was the outcome of a charity party broadcast on the Internet on the weekend, in which music and singing stars participated from their homes to contribute to efforts to combat the Corona Virus, concert sponsors said.</p><div data-qa-component="item-story" data-rc-highlight="story" dir="rtl">

    The presentation by Elton John from his kitchen on Sunday evening was attended by the Backstreet Boys and singers Billy Ilish, Lizo, Alicia Keys, Mariah Carey and Lady Gaga, as well as singer Tim Magro. They all appeared on smartphone cameras, home cameras, or online online platforms.

    The outcome of the ceremony was devoted to two charitable institutions that provide assistance to those who have professions that are required to continue during the crisis of the outbreak of the Corona virus and for Americans who face economic difficulties due to the virus.

    Fox broadcast the four-hour concert on the air without any commercial breaks, at an event which the network said had 8.7 million viewers.

    The songs featured short personal stories of nurses, doctors, truck drivers, grocery workers and other essential professionals as millions of Americans entered the second week of staying home to fight the spread of the virus.

    The concert was also broadcast on I-Hart radio stations across the United States, and it urged listeners to donate to two charities, "Feeding America" ​​and "First Responders Childrens Foundation".

    As of Monday evening, total donations amounted to about eight million dollars for the two institutions, including 500,000 dollars from P&G and a similar amount from Fox Network.


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