7 stations temporarily suspended Saudi football


The precautionary measures regarding the new Corona virus «Covid-19» were not the first reason for the accidental stopping of the Saudi football, but preceded the scene, which is the seventh in the race of the oldest championship in the Gulf, 6 crises that cast a dark shadow on the stadiums of the Kingdom, before the wheel of life revolved from new.

The Ministry of Sports announced the suspension of sports activity in Saudi Arabia with various sports, all tournaments and competitions, in addition to the closing of special halls and sports centers, starting from yesterday, Sunday, until further notice, as part of the precautionary measures to counter the spread of the Corona virus.

The minutes did not pass after the ministerial decision, until the practical application by the Saudi Professional Football League came to suspend all sports competitions under its umbrella, based on the decision of the Ministry of Sports, based on the recommendations of the committee concerned with following up the developments of the spread of the virus coming from China.

Life stops in Saudi Arabia stadiums, always an occasional matter, after which the green carpet will revive, after the exciting competition in the stronger Arab League, which is documented by the memories of the recent past, in 7 stormy crises that passed over the age of the round witch in the Kingdom.

June setback

With the entry of the witch into the Kingdom, 7 decisions were issued to temporarily suspend football competitions. The first of these pauses was in 1967, after the Arab war against the Zionist entity, which erupted on June 5, after the occupation launched a sudden attack on Egypt, Syria, Jordan and Palestine in A bloody scene that spanned 6 days and ended in a bitter setback.

And with the blurring of the scene in the Arab world, the decision was made to suspend football competitions in Saudi Arabia, in order to determine the dimensions of the tragic scenario, before life quickly returns to the stadiums of the Kingdom.

Improve conditions

In the year 1968, the decision was issued to temporarily freeze activity in order to work to improve the conditions in Saudi football, work to upgrade the components of the game, catch up with the accelerating development that took place on the world’s stadiums, and put the Kingdom’s ball on the Asian map, by creating a strong competitive atmosphere in the championships Local.

First Gulf Cup

After the improvement of the situation stopped, the wheel of the Saudi championships circled again to spin at a slow pace, before stopping again after only one year, the rhythm of the first Gulf Cup, which rivaled in Bahrain.

The decision to cancel the season’s competitions was issued in 1970, in order to prepare for the first edition of the Gulf Cup, in search of competition for the title that started with the participation of 4 teams, namely Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Bahrain and Qatar.

Al-Akhdar came in third on the championship standings, with two draws against the host and Qatar, and a defeat against Kuwait, in a copy in which the star Mohammed Al-Nur Moussa fell on my goals in Saudi Arabia in the first participation, before Al-Azraq later crowned the title.

Green camp

Life did not last long after the return, so the competitions did not stop again due to the national team camp, as part of the preparations for the fourth Gulf Cup in Qatar, after it decided to withdraw from the 1976 Asian Cup, organized by Iran, to postpone the first appearance to the Singapore version in 1984, and leave the first footprint By grabbing the title and documenting sovereignty over the Yellow Continent.

Al-Akhdar finished “Khaleeji 4” in the fifth position, which took place with the participation of 7 teams, namely, Qatar, Kuwait, the Emirates, Bahrain, Iraq and Oman, achieving two wins compared to 4 defeats, while Azraq won again the title.

Storming the Great Mosque of Mecca

Football conditions lasted 4 years in a row, in which the pace of competition increased dramatically, before the incident of the occupation of Juhayman Al-Otaibi occupied the Al-Haram Al-Makki camp on November 20, 1979, to freeze blood in the veins of football for two weeks.

The security forces succeeded in liberating the Grand Mosque from the grip of the Juhayman gang, in a very precise and sophisticated process to preserve the safety of the guests of Rahman, before they carried out retribution against 61 members of the group, so that life would quickly return to its rhythm.

The second Gulf War

The seventh stop came at the age of Saudi football, with the second Gulf War in 1991, which lasted for about two months, during which the Kingdom witnessed the battles for the liberation of Kuwait in a military operation called “Desert Storm”.

The 34-nation coalition forces, led by the United States of America, launched a war against Iraq, after obtaining permission from the United Nations to liberate Kuwait from the occupation, the battles that ended on February 28, 1991, to calm the storm, and life back to the Gulf.

Since this date, and over three decades, the Kingdom’s competitions have been organized, and the Saudi League has risen to the level of development until it has become the strongest Arab undisputed, before the new Corona virus, which first appeared in the Chinese region of Wuhan, last December, to freeze football in the Kingdom from New, as part of a package of precautions to prevent the spread of the global epidemic.

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