5 solitary wrestlers may return to WWE in WrestleMania 2020


Bank and Hogan

Sport 360 – Nothing is more exciting for wrestling fans than seeing their favorite stars come back from retirement. This often doesn’t happen in WWE, but whenever it does, it pleases the fans watching it.

In the past, we’ve seen wrestlers change their minds about retirement and get back on the track again. It’s also one of the tactics WWW uses to boost its shows.

This year, Edge returned from retiring after an absence of 9 years. The last time, he didn’t finish his career the way he wanted, but now he’s back to do so.

Fans are now wondering who might be in the next row to return from retirement. It’s 2020, the start of a new decade, and WWE wants to do its best to attract more attention to its shows.

Below are gladiators awaiting their return from retirement at WrestleMania 36


After suffering an injury, the star returned to Page in 2018. However, a month later in a live show on WWE, she was hit in the neck after receiving a severe kick from Sasha Banks.
This blow was fatal in her career in wrestling, where she soon announced her retirement, and got a management position at SmackDown for a few months.
Now Paige works as a WWE Backstage analyst, and as we’ve watched Edge be back, Paige can come back.


The free wrestling icon Sting made his WWE debut in 2014, and the company participated in a competition against Triple H in WrestleMania, where the latter won, and fans believed that Triple Gets should have lost this match because it was Sting’s first battle, and he needed this victory More than anything.
Later in competition with Seth Rollins, Sting was almost paralyzed. It was in a WWE Championship match when this tragedy occurred. Since then, the WCW champion has not stepped into the wrestling circuit.
It has always been said that a confrontation between Sting and Undertaker had taken place in WrestleMania, but this year IG Styles booked its place in front of Anterker, yet the prospects for Sting’s return remain.



It’s been less than a year since he retired against Triple H in WrestleMania in WrestleMania 35, and Batista claimed that he would rather break his foot than return to the wrestling circuit again.
But the rule inside WWE always says: Never say never, and thus anything can happen in the world of WrestleMania with WWE.
In the past, the stars returned to the ring when no one thought they would. If WWE made a great show to Batista, he might change his mind and go back to another confrontation.


Will we rule out the possibility of the return of CM Bank? We do not believe it. Because as long as you’re alive and able to wrestle, there’s a chance he’s going back to WWE.
CM Bank is currently a WWE Backstage analyst, but he may eventually return soon. Although Punk always claims to work for FOX, and this is practically correct, we consider the WWE superstar also to work under the Federation logo.
If Punk is still popular with fans and they want him to come back, then why did WWE not do that? Triple H in Vince McMahon said he would welcome the return of Bank if he chose that .. Why not?
Yes, the former UFC fighter does not want to wrestle again. But is it? Many wrestlers have made similar statements in the past and most, in the end, have agreed to return to WWE.

Recently, Hulk Hogan tweeted on his Twitter profile that he wanted WWE to agree to a retirement match for him.
This year Hogan will join the WWE Hall of Fame, from the NOW team portal, and it appears that the 66-year-old’s wrestling father wants to prove to the world that he still has more to offer.

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