5 smart features for HUAWEI MateBook 13


Everyone aspires to experience a more intelligent and efficient experience and enjoy greater contact with our devices at the same time, and laptops generally enjoy the ease of transfer and capabilities that excel on smart phones, but it is necessary that we select the appropriate computer that is able to meet our needs, and with the launch of the last version of A computer HUAWEI MateBook 13 can get a package of advanced features such as the HUAWEI FullView Display, and the multi-screen collaboration of the company Huawei, As well as the superior performance of this ultra-slim body.
Below we review some of the major updates that HUAWEI MateBook 13 offers in various aspects of the laptop experience, and how to take advantage of these benefits.

Seamless connection between smartphone and computer through multi-screen collaboration:

Are you looking to move freely between your tasks and your devices smoothly?, So that you can do more? The HUAWEI MateBook 13 computer is the perfect choice for that, especially through the multi-screen collaboration feature that will change the way to perform tasks, as this feature automatically connects the computer and Huawei phone, so that files, movies or music can be easily withdrawn Between the two connected devices and drop them.
Moreover, users will be able to enjoy their favorite smartphone applications on the MateBook 13 computer, and use peripherals such as a keyboard and mouse, along with headphones for a more comfortable experience, to switch between tasks Or complete them on their smartphone.

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This feature makes it possible to use Office programs in a smartphone, so that the functional features of these powerful applications are always within the reach of users.

HUAWEI FullView Display: the ultra-slim interactive display:

There is no doubt that we spend most of our time in front of computer screens, whether for business or entertainment purposes, and therefore it is not surprising at all that Huawei tends to give this screen this importance when designing for the MateBook 13 computer, as the 13-inch FullView Display displays pulsating pictures. Vibrant and rich in detail and colors, for better visualization when editing photos.

On the other hand, the industry-leading 88% screen-to-body ratio, proportional proportions of 3: 2, provides greater viewing area, and brings the experience of pursuing favorite movies in high definition and clarity to new heights.

Meanwhile, the slim metal body of only 14.9mm thick plays in converting the MateBook 13 into a portable laptop in the literal sense of the word, so that it accompanies users on the go.

The screen also abounds with more functional features such as the multi-touch feature, which reaches ten points, as well as the feature of controlling the device with Fingers Gesture Control, which allows, by moving three fingers to the bottom, the ability to take a screenshot and edit The texts contained therein quickly and easily.

All-day battery:

There is no doubt that everyone is going through this experience, as the battery indicator retracts more quickly than necessary during the performance of urgent tasks, and the running out of battery charging at the wrong time would lead to a loss of the opportunity to communicate with a new customer, or interrupt a session of electronic games.

The MateBook 13 computer reduces the risk of these conditions occurring, especially through its huge battery that comes with a capacity of 41.7 watts per hour, and works alongside advanced power and cooling management solutions to provide the ability to operate the device throughout the day.

Whether on upcoming long trips or during business and leisure holidays, the MateBook 13 can play videos stored in internal memory with FHD resolution for 11.6 hours, as well as support for running productivity tasks that require high performance for 9 hours, or even surfing the Internet for 8 hours continuously .

Added to this is a adapter that is compatible with various power outlets, and the HUAWEI SuperCharge feature to charge the computer with ease, and users only have to relax on the beach and enjoy the sunshine, and work to get the tasks done in a timely manner.

Superior performance with compact size:

Modern consumers not only seek to acquire stylish products, but also want elegance to be coupled with strong performance, they also seek to obtain devices that contribute to their great adaptability in helping them accomplish the most difficult tasks.

This is one of the most prominent advantages of the HUAWEI MateBook 13, thanks to the tenth generation of Intel Core processor and 16GB dual-channel memory chips.

In practical terms, these specifications allow the ability to edit videos with ease, and move from to reporting or browsing the Internet in a flash, as well as playing favorite songs in the background.

And in case you want to rest from work and enjoy video games, the MateBook 13 computer has the strength for this as well, especially through the advanced graphics processor and HUAWEI Shark Fin 2.0 cooling system, which contribute to providing the computer the best levels of performance without worrying about overheating .

Fingerprint operation button:

Excessive busy results in time constraints, and thus the importance of every second when completing urgent tasks and tasks is increased, and here the importance of the fingerprint play button feature on the MateBook 13 computer is highlighted. This feature combines playback tasks Device on and off, fingerprint verification, and system login in one button.

Consequently, users do not need to enter a password or print fingerprints to operate the computer. A simple press of the button will allow the work to proceed smoothly.

In addition, the MateBook 13 uses eye comfort technology that reduces high levels of blue light and reduces eye strain.


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