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  • Yesterday, Thursday, the Ministry of Health in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia announced the registration of three other cases infected with the “Corona” virus, bringing the number of people infected in the country to 5 cases.

    A Saudi Ministry of Health statement, published by the official news agency, confirmed that “laboratory results confirmed the infection of a married couple with the new Corona virus as the husband was coming from Iran via Kuwait, and the Saudi porter did not disclose his presence in Iran, and transmitted the infection to his wife.”

  • The statement added that: “The laboratory results also revealed the positive of another sample of a citizen coming from Iran via the Kingdom of Bahrain and facilities in the same vehicle for the first and second cases previously announced.”

    “Today, there are five cases in total, all of which were the source of infection from Iran,” Labian added.

    Saudi Arabia had announced, yesterday, Wednesday, the suspension of Umrah performance on citizens and residents, until further notice, as one of the tools to prevent the outbreak of the “Corona emerging” virus.

    The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia also decided to suspend entry of tourist visas for people coming from countries where the spread of the new Corona virus is dangerous.

    The Corona virus appeared in China, for the first time on December 12, 2019, in Wuhan, but Beijing officially revealed it in mid-January.

    The World Health Organization earlier declared a state of emergency on an international scale to counter the outbreak of the virus, which later spread to several countries.

  • Source: Shoof TV


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