367 medals put Jetsu air heroes on top of the world


Abu Dhabi (WAM)

When the Jitsu Air Association raised the slogan “There is no room for the impossible” since its foundation in November 2012, its administration knew that it was required to provide achievements, publish the game and make the champions. In the current year, the number of game sport practitioners in the country reached 170 thousand players, which is an unprecedented number in Any other sport in the country, even for those whose federations were established more than 40 years ago.
On the level of accomplishments, the 2019-2020 season was the year of the “World Summit”, where the UAE champions managed to win 367 medals in major international and world championships, with 52 colored medals and the first place in the grouped world championship that was held in Abu Dhabi last November, and 14 colored medals In the Grand Prix tournament held in Kazakhstan last June, 11 medals and first place in the Asian Championship in Mongolia in July of 2019, 13 medals and first place in the Balkan Junior Championship last September, and 9 medals in the World Junior Championship in Romania in the same month.
Among the accomplishments achieved last season, were in the Abu Dhabi Grand Slam tours series that began with the harvesting of 48 medals in Moscow last June, with 15 gold, 18 silver, 15 bronze, and 68 medals in the Tokyo tour at the end of July with 26 gold, 26 silver, and 16 bronze. And 51 colored medals in the Los Angeles round last September with 20 gold, 16 silver, 15 bronze and 14 color medals in the Rio Grand Slam round early last November with 5 golds, 6 silvers, 3 bronzes, and 87 colored medals in the Abu Dhabi tour January of the year Ongoing 31 gold, 27 silver and 29 bronze.
Medals of the last season are gaining added value in the light of the exclusion of white belt competitions for beginners, a decision that is an achievement in itself, as it was taken from the beginning of the season, to raise the level of competence efficiency and focus on quality more than quantity, and that the last season also witnessed the creation of the Queen Rug Championship Which was held in various light, medium and heavy weights, in addition to enhancing the position of the “King of the Rug” championship by holding it in several rounds in parallel with Abu Dhabi Grand Slam, which witnessed a strong struggle between the best classified players in the world, as well as the most prominent players ranked globally.
Abdel Moneim Al Hashemi, President of the UAE and Asian Federations, First Vice President of the International Federation, said that stability and stability on one situation for more than a year is not considered a success, meaning that development must continue in everything year after year, to raise the level of quality and efficiency of players and players, and the championships organized by Union, both internal and external.
Al-Hashemi indicated that the development included a system of regulations and laws in which the federation was a pioneer by amending some of the regulations and applying them to get rid of negative play completely, by canceling preferences, turning them into points, and allowing the competition time to be extended for a minute in the event of a tie, then resort to the last player He holds a point to give him the result of the match in case the tie continues.
He pointed out that among the new things that were also applied this year effectively, extensively and achieved great successes, “Falcon Eye” technology that allows rulers to return to the video in difficult arbitration cases in order to provide full justice, and fortunately all these amendments and applications have found welcome Many of the game’s international federation, because it contributes to the development of the game, and achieve long-awaited goals by the international and continental federations.
Al-Hashemi thanked the union team for the great effort they made this season, and called on everyone to make every effort to continue developing the next stage.
And about the new in the next season .. Al Hashemi said: «The sustainability of development in championships and programs is our top priority in the next stage, and there are more than one city around the world that applied to organize and host the Grand Slam, and we are in the process of studying these requests and taking what is necessary, as we are currently studying Technical and organizational reports that were submitted to us from last season, and we are expected to witness the participation of the UAE champions in the championships of “King of the Rug” in the tournaments of the next season “2020 – 2021”, and we have many other proposals and perceptions that we will announce in succession, and for the local championships we will raise the value of Prizes for shouted cup championship Highness the Head of State, along with the introduction of the Crown Prince of Abu Dhabi Cup and is expected to allow the participation of clubs and academies from outside the country ».


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