36 billion dollars leave the financial markets in a week


Source: London – Reuters

Bank of America said that investors exited most of the asset classes, as equity and bond funds saw a total displacement of $ 36 billion over the week ending Wednesday, amid fears of economic damage caused by the Corona virus.

Stock markets have been in a wave of selling since mid-February, leaving the market about $ 6.5 trillion out of value, as the number of cases of coronavirus is increasing at a greater rate.

Analysts at Bank of America, which is working on weekly data from the IFFR to monitor the flows, said that $ 23.3 billion was withdrawn from stock markets and $ 12.6 billion left the bond markets, the largest rate since December 2018.

The data also showed that risk averse investors withdrew $ 5.3 billion in emerging market shares, the highest level in 30 weeks.


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