304 injuries in Lebanon .. How are they distributed among the regions and age groups? (photo)


The number of people infected with Corona virus (covid-19) in Lebanon increased to 304 cases, which are cases confirmed in the laboratory at Hariri University Hospital and accredited university hospital laboratories in addition to private laboratories, an increase of 37 cases from yesterday, Tuesday, according to the Ministry of Health daily report on the developments of the epidemic .

The Ministry of Public Health follows up on all cases diagnosed in non-reference laboratories, which totaled 47 cases for confirmation. It was found during the investigation that some of these cases were re-examined in other private laboratories and the result was negative. In the interest of the Ministry of Public Health to take the utmost care and caution in dealing with this disease, I stressed all these positive cases that have been examined in private non-accredited laboratories, most of which do not suffer from symptoms satisfactory commitment to complete domestic quarantine until the diagnosis is confirmed or denied. The Ministry also stresses the application of all preventive measures, especially adherence to the complete domestic stone, which has become an individual and societal moral responsibility that is incumbent upon every citizen, and any negligence in its application will expose its owner to legal and criminal prosecution.

And in the evening, the Rafic Hariri University Hospital issued the daily report on the latest developments on the emerging corona virus, and it stated: “The total number of laboratory-confirmed cases of coronavirus infection that have been isolated in the hospital’s health isolation zone is 64 cases, of which 6 were transferred from other hospitals to Al-Hariri Hospital… compliance with 3 cases of coronavirus to recover after the negative results of the PCR examination came both times and get rid of all symptoms of the disease. All people with coronavirus receive the necessary care in the isolation unit and their condition is stable except for 3 cases in critical condition. ”

In addition, the National Operations Department for Disaster Management issued its daily report on the Corona epidemic, showing how cases are distributed across regions, as well as age groups, in addition to the percentage of commitment to closure. Here are the pictures attached.


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