3 tips guarantee safe financial transactions to prevent corona


The Banking Information and Awareness Committee in Saudi banks clarified the measures to prevent the emerging corona virus (Covid 19).

The committee said, via “Twitter”: Preventing the emerging coronavirus, and helping to prevent its spread, requires adherence to a number of precautions to end financial transactions.

According to the “Banking Awareness Committee”, it is preferable for the customer to conduct his financial operations through electronic channels, without the need to visit the branches, and rely on electronic payment methods.

The committee asked bank customers to clean or sterilize hands before and after using automated teller machines or touching cash, while avoiding crowded places and using electronic channels to carry out banking operations.

The Committee reaffirmed the necessity to follow general advice for the prevention of the new Corona virus «Covid-19», which includes cleaning or sterilizing hands after touching dry surfaces such as door handles, offices, and the like, and following the correct methods of prevention such as washing hands well with soap and water continuously for 40 seconds or by using Sterile alcohol for 20 seconds.

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