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The Minister of Education and Higher Education, Tariq Al-Majzoub, issued 3 circulars, the first related to distance learning in light of the exceptional health conditions that Lebanon is going through due to the Corona virus, and it says:Based on the decisions of the cabinet meeting held on Sunday, 15/3/2020, especially the fifth item in terms of “closing the departments, public institutions, municipalities and their unions, independent departments, universities, public and private schools, and incubators, and that of different kinds” until March 29, 2020, to be excluded from This is “what is required by the necessities of working in ministries, public administrations, public institutions, municipalities and their unions according to a mechanism issued according to decisions issued by ministers or by the authority that has authority,” because of our belief in the importance of securing distance learning, and preserving the official Lebanese certificate (which we are proud of and proud of), and preserving In addition to the school year for our children, students and students, the Distance Learning Plan will be adopted by the Ministry of Education and Higher Education, which includes the following three tracks:

The first track: television broadcasting
The aim of this course is to secure the delivery of educational content to the largest possible number of learners, especially those without the Internet, through Lebanon TV and private televisions, in close cooperation between the Ministry of Education and Higher Education and the Ministry of Information, provided that filming educational classes for middle school and high school diplomas begin with all its branches in This week, in the studios of Lebanon Television, in addition to the studios of the educational television of the Educational Center for Research and Development and private studios that are set up free of charge at the disposal of the Ministry of Education.

The Ministry of Education and Higher Education is issuing an invitation to professors and teachers, from both the public and private sectors, who wish to participate free of charge in preparing these educational classes to submit their applications through the following link:


And also you notice a window for each episode shown on the following link:
https://forms.gle/8UdxzeTobEN83XNa8This window enables students to ask questions so that they can be answered later.

With regard to preparing educational classes for general education, a committee formed by the minister selects teachers from among those who volunteered to photograph educational classes, and the following mechanism is adopted:

– Volunteer teachers attend the lessons and the Educational Center for Research and Development will place its observations on them within a maximum period of one day.
– The teacher finishes the details of his educational session within a maximum period of one day from the date of receiving the notes
– The teacher is filming the educational session in one of the approved studios along with the Educational Center for Research and Development and the guidance and direction apparatus.
– The minister approves educational classes before they are broadcast.
According to the Directorate of Vocational and Technical Education and the Lebanese University, the President of the University and the General Director are assigned to whom they deem appropriate to carry out this task.

The second track: electronic platforms

The aim of this course is to ensure interactive communication between the teacher and the learner in the directorates of the Ministry and the Lebanese University through free applications. After Microsoft has expressed its willingness to provide the Microsoft teams application for free to teachers and learners in Lebanon, the Ministry’s information unit will send successively to schools, high schools, and official institutes (and for those who wish from educational institutions in the private sector) free accounts for all teachers and learners to use this application.
The Informatics Unit is providing the necessary technical support to accompany the project and preparing remote meetings in coordination with the Guidance and Orientation Authority to familiarize the stakeholders, managers, guides, mechanization workers, teachers, learners and other stakeholders with the details of the application starting on Thursday, 3/19/2020, according to programs that will be displayed on the Ministry’s page and means Affiliate communication.
Downloading official resources will be allowed within this application, and an unofficial file will be approved to allow teachers to share their experiences.
The general managers are assigned to manage this path so that the administrative units in the directorates follow up the project in terms of ensuring the quality of its implementation. The third track: Communication through traditional means

The aim of this course is to deliver a copy of the educational content, on paper, through the principals of schools, high schools and institutes to students by working to send lessons and assignments to learners and re-send them to them with the teacher’s notes. Provided that the assumptions are studied, in quantity and quality.
The above-mentioned three tracks can overlap, and it is left for the director of the educational institution to choose what is appropriate for his students and students.
The concerned general manager follows the management of the distance learning process and sends periodic reports in this regard.

Circular No. 16

The Minister Al-Majzoub issued Circular No. 16 related to volunteering teachers from public and private education to register educational classes to support the distance education plan in light of the closure of educational institutions due to the Corona virus, and it says:
The Minister of Education and Higher Education invites teachers from the public and private sectors who wish to volunteer to film educational classes for general education classes to register on the following link:

In the first stage, the educational classes related to the official certificate classes will be photographed, to be followed by the rest of the classes. Therefore, we ask those who wish to participate from the teachers of the certificate classes to fill out the form on the link above within a period of no later than Thursday, March 19, 2020 and Thursday, March 26, 2020 for the rest of the classes. The educational sessions will be presented through TV broadcasts or through the approved online platform for distance education.
While we acknowledge the voluntary spirit of our teachers, we thank their initiative to secure the best for our students in light of the exceptional and transitory circumstances the country is going through.

Circular No. 17

The Minister Al-Majzoub issued Circular No. 17 related to the lessons and themes that were completed before the suspension of forced lessons due to the Corona virus in the ranks of intermediate and high school diplomas in its four branches, and it stated:
The directors of secondary and public and private schools are required to assign coordinators or teachers in the middle and high school diploma classes in their four branches by filling out the forms on the following links according to the certificate and the branch:

middle School certificate
https://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLSewafAx4WB7UJfKc5IokLf2X5a4_ZNJPOdkGi1hghHhG-1BVQ/viewform General secondary certificate, Arts and Humanities Branch

General Secondary Certificate, Sociology and Economics Branch

Secondary school certificate, life sciences branch

General secondary certificate, general sciences branch


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