157 hit and counter to rise: the option to isolate areas is coming!


As of yesterday noon, before the release of the daily Rafic Hariri Governmental University Hospital’s report on the results of new infections of the “Corona” virus at night, the figures of the report of the “National Operations Room for Disaster Management” indicated that there were 149 laboratory-confirmed cases of Covid 19, 14 of which “no”. Information on where to distribute it. In other words, 20% of the total cases are anonymous (it is not known how the infection was transmitted). In practice, this means “entering the country into the stage of local epidemic”, according to sources in the Ministry of Health, which indicated that the level of preparedness should be raised in the coming days, and put forward other options.

Source: National Disaster Management Operations Room

Until now, Beirut still “accounts” for the largest number of injuries by 30% (45 injuries), followed by Baabda (17), Kesrouan (17), and Jbeil (13), “while more laboratory tests are required in the regions in order to monitor the epidemic, All the way to making the necessary decisions regarding isolating one region and another, ”according to a former health minister.
There was information about the Ministry of Health offering an option to isolate the Jbeil and Keserwan Courts (total injuries, 30, by 20%), after registering a noticeable increase in injuries. Although the media office of Health Minister Hamad Hassan denied “the news circulating about the existence of a decision to isolate some areas,” the “reprehensible” reactions to sectarian reasons confirmed the seriousness of the proposal.
Ministry sources indicated to Al-Akhbar that the option to isolate the territories is not related to the number of casualties, but rather to tracing the source of infection to control the state of local spread. She drew there areas where the number of injuries was higher, but its source was unknown. For example, the announcement of the injured persons coming from Iran facilitated the process of quarantining those in contact with them, which led to the decline of the injuries, which did not happen with the cases coming from Italy and Egypt due to lack of disclosure. Consequently, the increase in unknown numbers in a region means that they are in the stage of local epidemiological spread.
This is in line with what Minister of Information Manal Abdel Samad said yesterday, during the announcement of the decisions of the cabinet meeting yesterday, that “we have become in a rampant outbreak,” and stressed “non-complacency with regard to the obligation of homes and preventive measures.”

Thirteen injured were removed from the “Hariri” to make way for the most critical cases

Invitations to emphasize the commitment to home quarantine were accompanied by the direct registration of minutes of arrest for violators of government decisions. Among the decisions reached by the Council of Ministers, the opening of an account at the Rafic Hariri Governmental Hospital to receive donations and gifts for the hospital, while the ministers provided 100 million pounds of their own compensation for the Corona account. Also, it was decided to distribute social assistance to those whose work was disrupted and lost their livelihood, and food aid will be distributed in various regions, whether through the High Relief Commission or across municipalities or with the help of local donors.
Rafic Hariri University Hospital issued its daily report at night, announcing the registration of 8 new injuries, to close the counter on 157 injuries, after the Ministry of Health had announced at noon that the total number of injuries reached 149. The hospital announced «the removal of 13 injured to the home quarantine, after confirming the doctor treating healing The patient is clinically informed and informed of all measures and instructions related to home stone ». This is due to giving way to the most urgent cases in light of the increasing numbers and at a time when the rest of the government hospitals that are scheduled to support the hospital have not been equipped.
Accordingly, the number of infected people currently residing in the quarantine and their condition has reached 57, while the total number of suspected cases of HIV infection within the quarantine area is 8 cases, pending the result of the laboratory examination.


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