133 cases of “Corona” confirmed in Lebanon


The Ministry of Health released the daily report on Covid-19, which reads:

“From February 21 to March 18 2020, the total number of laboratory confirmed cases reached 133, including those diagnosed in the Rafic Hariri Governmental University Hospital and those reported by other university hospitals accredited by the Ministry (meaning 13 new cases were registered yesterday) .

There was death reported for a person in the ninth decade who was in critical health and suffering from chronic diseases.

The Ministry of Public Health continues to take samples from all suspects, identifying and monitoring all contacts, and monitoring all arrivals from countries experiencing a local spread of the virus.

It also tracks the epidemiological investigation (source of infection) for some of the newly diagnosed cases.

The Ministry calls on all citizens to adhere to the strict measures issued by the official references, especially mandatory home quarantine, and to control movement, except when absolutely necessary.


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