133 cases confirmed with “corona” in Lebanon


The number of coronavirus infections in Lebanon as of today (Wednesday) has risen to 133, an increase of 13 cases in 24 hours, and deaths to 4.

The Ministry of Health issued a statement saying that “from February 21 to March 18, 2020, a total of 133 laboratory-confirmed cases, including those diagnosed in the Rafic Hariri Governmental University Hospital and those reported from other accredited university hospitals On the part of the ministry. ”

The ministry added that a fourth person died, “he is in the ninth decade of age and was in a critical health condition and suffering from chronic diseases.”

On the other hand, the Chinese embassy in Beirut informed the health and foreign ministries that the Chinese government decided to dedicate 1000 units to Lebanon to conduct tests to detect the “Covid-19” virus and 200 manual thermometers.


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