13-year-old health disaster … millions of masks expired in Canada with the spread of Corona virus


Officials in the Canadian province of Ontario revealed that millions of masks that were stored in the aftermath of the SARS outbreak to protect citizens and health care workers in anticipation of any new epidemic in the future, which put a question mark over the readiness of the most populated province to limit the spread of the new Corona virus.In detail, Ontario 13 years ago stored 55 million “95N” masks and other medical equipment after being affected by the SARS epidemic more than any other province in Canada in 2002 and 2003.

However, officials in the public health sector confirmed that the masks could be less effective after the expiration date of the specified expiration date and the CDC recommended that they be used in extreme crisis situations.Officials have expressed concern about the lack of protective supplies such as masks in view of the expected increase in demand during the outbreak of the new Corona virus, which originated in China and spread in various parts of the world and which recorded 70 cases in Canada in addition to one death, and they confirmed what they did. They can secure everything the region needs to limit the spread of this virus.


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