11 standards of “Corona” home quarantine – localities – others


The Ministry of Health and Community Protection, in cooperation with the Health Department Abu Dhabi, the Health Authority Dubai, and the Abu Dhabi Center for Public Health, has issued a guide to the domestic quarantine guidelines for the emerging corona virus, specifying quarantine requirements for those suspected of having Coronavirus 19 (Covid 19), and the procedures that must be observed in assessing the location Residence for the home quarantine, and how to spend time during the fourteen days of the quarantine.

In detail, the health authorities that issued the guide called on the persons who were subjected to domestic quarantine due to the suspected Corona virus, to arrange their work hours from home, if possible, and to communicate with their children’s schools to provide homework and duties by mail or e-mail, and advised them not to Relying heavily on TV and technology, treat quarantine as an opportunity to do some of the things they have never had time, such as drawing and reading.

The evidence indicated that it is necessary to take into account that all family members remain in the home, and that visitors are not allowed to come, and that only one adult should take care of the quarantined person who was exposed to the infection, “It is better to keep pregnant women away from this because a pregnant woman is at an increased risk of complications from many injuries, Keep the quarantined person who was infected away from other family members.

For example, they should stay in their bedroom with the door closed, and they should not share the bedrooms. If he needs to share a common area with others, he must stay within one meter or more of other people to reduce the spread of the disease, wear a mask, arrange for exclusive use of one bathroom, and keep personal items separately.

The evidence indicated that what is meant by domestic quarantine is to stay at home and avoid contact with others if the person has been infected with an infectious disease or has been exposed to it, until the period of infection ends, or until he knows that he did not transmit the infection to any other person, as the quarantine helps to slow Prevalence of infection in the population, indicating that a person may be asked to stay at home for up to 14 days after symptoms appear to you or after your first exposure to a person with the disease.

The guide identified 11 criteria that must be taken into account in the quarantine place of residence, which included providing a single room with a private bathroom, easy access to educational materials about illness and quarantine, the availability of basic services, water and electricity, garbage collection, heating or air conditioning, ventilation, entertainment, and the provision of medicines and treatments For people with chronic diseases.

The criteria included the availability of basic supplies “clothing, food, manual hygiene items, washing and communication services, including telephone” for monitoring by health workers, reporting symptoms, accessing support services, communicating with the family, and accessing care workers Health or ambulance personnel, provide tools for examination and evaluation such as a thermometer and fever records as needed, and provide phone numbers to report symptoms or access services and emergency numbers, health authorities if necessary, in addition to providing psychological support services.

Other criteria included, “Use disinfectant to clean surfaces, such as bedside tables and bathroom surfaces, monitor general health conditions, for example, breathing problems, or chest pain. Ask for medical help, and use face masks to reduce the risk of infection, and gain a lot of rest. Drink plenty of water and maintain a healthy diet.

The evidence pointed to the use of facial masks in quarantine, wearing a face mask when mixing with others, making sure that the mask has been installed well, disposing of face masks after using them once, and washing hands thoroughly with soap and water immediately after taking off the face mask and before touching anything else .




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